We offer tutoring lessons for the IBDP and IBMYP Spanish program. The student follows lessons that focus on the principles of the International Baccalaureate┬« (IB). The tutoring reinforces and maintains the acquired language skills, we also explain the grammar that merges with the student’s phase.

The tutoring lessons for the diploma program of the international baccalaureate will be given as wanted to reach the desired level. In line with the level, the student will be challenged with assignments that improve analytical skills. Besides, the emphasis will be on the writing skills, the different text types that are dealt with in the IB Spanish program. Whether you choose Spanish as A language or as B language, or you choose ‘standard level’ or ‘higher level’ in IBDP, we will prepare you in one year for the lessons you will take in DP or MYP.

The components that will be covered are:

  • Language proficiency; relevant grammar and spelling is repeated, and vocabulary is expanded.
  • Viewing and listening skills: skills are taught for interpreting and analyzing images and spoken texts.
  • Reading skills; (business) texts are analyzed and ‘commented on’.
  • Writing skills; students write (both creative and business) a large number of texts that take into account. The account is taken of, among other things, the typical characteristics, the register and the appropriate style figures.
  • Literature analysis: We will study literary analysis of various fictional and non-fictional texts.